Lateral Capital Management, LLC

Welcome to Lateral Capital!

Since 2003, Lateral Capital has made 75 investments in Early Stage companies across the U.S.

We look to invest in companies led by paranoid optimists of impeccable character … young businesses which have:

  • A completed product or service with compelling benefits – and at least one customer.
  • Proprietary technology with issued or filed patents – to protect the company while it grows.
  • Logical strategic buyers who will want to buy the company – in the next 5-7 years.
  • Business models which lead to cash flow breakeven while the company waits for a buyer.
  • Contribute to the Greater Good – businesses which can help to “save the world” profitably.

Lateral Capital has made investments in a wide range of technology across 19 states – from health care to industrial products; from specialty B2B software to cancer vaccines. As a rule, we do not invest in distribution-driven categories like food and beverage. Location-dependent businesses like restaurants or startups of any kind.

Most investments are made in conjunction with Angel groups across the U.S., including Band of Angels (Palo Alto), Seraph Group (Atlanta), Golden Seeds (New York), Gopher Angels (Minneapolis), Tamiami Angels (Naples), Central Texas Angels (Austin), Tech Coast Angels (Southern California) and companies which have presented at BIO, SXSW and the Angel Capital Association.

Lateral Capital is located in Sarasota, Florida and run by long-time Procter & Gamble executive and former Pillsbury Company CEO, John Lilly. Now investing its Fifth Fund, Lateral Capital is supported by a group of accredited investors in a Limited Partnership structure. This group includes CEOs, CFOs, investment bankers and other investors who target consistent financial returns, averaging about 2.5-3.0X their money with a rate of return around 20%.

“Great Quotes For Early Stage CEOs”

  • We can’t solve problems using the same thinking that we used when we created them.

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    Albert Einstein
  • Good judgment comes from experience and experience … well, that comes from poor judgment.

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    A.A. Milne
  • The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the entrepreneur adjusts the sails.

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    Adapted from William Arthur Ward