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Lateral Capital®

Opportunity Fund, LP

Fund Overview

For Accredited Investors

January 2024

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Lateral Capital is a Micro Venture Capital Limited Partnership for accredited investors. Over the last nine years, our Limited Partnerships have invested in 87 companies across 21 states. As of January 31, 2024, projected gross returns for these funds are about 3.4X invested capital (MOIC), ahead of the 2.2X to 2.6X “industry average” for investments in Early Stage Companies.

VintageNumber of Investments
To Date
Amount Invested To Date ($ Million)
Amount Returned ($ Million)
Actual As Of Dec. 31, 2023
Unrealized Projected1
Projected Total1
Fair Value
of Active
($ Million)
Gross TVPI
Projected Returns (MOIC)1,3

1. Definition of Projected Returns – Gross Returns do not include Management Fees, the cost of operating the Funds or Carried Interest. Net Returns are estimated based on projected Management Fees and costs. Projections are based on a variety of inputs believed to be reliable but are strictly not guaranteed. Columns may not add due to rounding.

2. Definition of TVPI – TVPI or Total Value to Paid-In Capital is the ratio of the current value of remaining investments within a fund, plus the total value of all distributions to date, relative to the total amount of capital paid into the fund to date, with any recallable distributions included in the numerator of this ratio and any reinvested capital (resulting from recallable distributions) incuces in the denominator

3. Projection of Gross/Net Returns – The GP’s projection of what the Funds will return when all investments are realized. This is based on actuals to date, projected outcomes, and projections of expenses to the end of Fund life.

4. Initial LCOF Investments – We have already made the first three investments in LCOF:
Commonwealth Fusion Systems- Building a device to generate electric power using nuclear fusion.
Earthgrid - Uses plasma technology to bore tunnels, even through solid rock, for sale/lesse to electric utilities.
Imperium Technologies - Wireless steam traps to reduce industrial energy use in 20MM U.S. locations.

Overview Of Offering – Lateral Capital (LC) is offering interests in its fourth syndicated Limited Partnership, the Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund, LP (LCOF). LCOF will likely invest primarily in companies where Lateral Capital Funds have positions. We believe these companies are somewhat de-risked and that they have potential for a profitable exit in the next 5 to 7 years. As examples, we would consider additional investment in the companies listed below:

Boom Supersonic

Supersonic low CO2 passenger aircraft

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Continuous purification of biopharmaceuticals

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Chromatic 3D Materials

3D printing of industrial seals and gaskets

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AI-based diagnosis of skin cancer

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Eko Devices

Digital stethoscopes for heart monitoring

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Gila Therapeutics

Oral GLP-1 drug for weight reduction

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Guardian Medical

Sterile packaging for orthopedic implantables

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Inversa Leathers

High fashion leathers from invasive fish and reptiles

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Integrated warehouse management software

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Eco laminates from renewable grasses

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Next generation drone-based air freighters

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Industrial magnet manufacturing with no rare earth materials

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Reprise Biomedical

Resorbable patches for wound closure

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Wearable fluid monitor for hydrocephalus

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StabiLux Biosciences

Intracellular dyes for medical research

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Watershed Therapeutics

Extended protection against UTIs

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Background On Lateral Capital Limited Partnership– Since 2015, we have invested in Early Stage Companies led by paranoid optimists of impeccable character. We look to invest in companies with:
  • Completed products or services, a compelling user benefit and ideally one customer.
  • Proprietary technology with issued or filed patents – to protect the company while it grows.
  • Logical strategic buyers who will need to buy the company – in the next 5-7 years.
  • Business models which lead to cashflow breakeven – while the company waits for a buyer.
  • Contribute to the Greater Good – businesses which have the potential to benefit society.

Within these criteria, Lateral Capital has made investments in a wide range of categories – from health care to industrial products; from specialty B2B software to a therapy for Alzheimer’s. We do not invest in distribution-driven categories like food and beverage or in businesses which are location-dependent. Similarly, we do not invest in companies engaged in online gambling, computer games or marijuana.

Most of our investments have been made alongside Angel groups which “source” most of our investments. These include Band of Angels (Palo Alto), Seraph Group (Atlanta), Golden Seeds (New York), Tamiami Angels (Naples), Central Texas Angels (Austin) and TCA Venture Group (Southern California). We have also invested in companies which have presented at SXSW and Angel Capital Association events.

Lateral Capital is run by long-time Procter & Gamble executive and former Pillsbury CEO, John Lilly. He is joined by Tim Kost, as Managing Director and CFO, and by experienced Broker/Dealer assistant Michelle Ballentine. Limited Partners include CEOs, CFOs, investment bankers and others across the U.S.

Current Situation – Rapid increases in interest rates have greatly reduced availability of private capital to all Venture-backed companies. Investments in Early Stage Companies declined for six straight quarters through the end of 2023. This situation makes for a great opportunity to invest in Early Stage Companies which have short-term capital needs – but excellent longer-term potential.

Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund Offering– The Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund will invest up to $10MM in 15-40 Early Stage Companies, depending on the amount of capital we raise. Many of these companies will be add-on investments of the 50+ active companies of our prior funds. These are businesses we already know something about, in which we have increasing confidence and which need more capital to get to an exit. On a select basis, we may also invest in other Early Stage opportunities, particularly in companies which operate in spaces adjacent to our existing investments.

To kick off the Fund, an affiliate of the General Partner will contribute investments in three companies where investments have recently been made. These will be contributed to the Opportunity Fund at cost, plus reimbursable transaction expenses of no more than $5,000 per company:

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Commonwealth Fusion Systems – Building a device to generate electric power using nuclear fusion. Their first power unit is already under construction in Devens, MA.
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Earthgrid – Uses plasma technology to bore tunnels, even through solid rock. Earthgrid will build tunnels for sale or lease to utilities, primarily for electricity transmission.
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Imperium Technologies – Imperium Technologies – Produces wireless controlled steam traps designed to reduce energy costs in industrial facilities. There are about 20MM steam trap devices in the U.S.

Details Of The Offer – Here are the key elements of how the Fund will operate:

  • Investment minimum of $100,000, to be called in three tranches over three years, with 40% due at the first close of $2MM. We have about $1MM in immediate opportunities across 7-10 companies.
  • A seven year fund life (three years invest/four years monitoring), with extensions by vote of the Limited Partners. This reflects our plan to invest where there are rapid sale opportunities.
  • The General Partner will contribute 10% of the Fund, with a minimum of $550,000. Fees will be “industry standard” (2% Management Fee plus 20% Carried Interest) and reasonable expenses.

Additional Information Available– We have prepared several introductory presentations which are downloadable as .pdfs by clicking the boxes below. These are fairly standard for investments in Venture Capital funds, but they are the official documents which govern the Fund. If you have questions, we encourage you to discuss them with us or your Legal/Financial Advisor.

Third Party Verification Process– To comply with SEC regulations, all Prospective Investors will need to provide third party verification that they are accredited. The general requirements are that an investor have $200,000 in annual income ($300,000 for those filing jointly) with reasonable expectations to continue at this level. Alternatively, investors could be deemed accredited if they have $1,000,000 in assets beyond their principal residence. Before we can accept your investment, we will need your lawyer, Financial Advisor or CPA to confirm your accredited investor status in writing. This is surprisingly simple. In the signature packet below, there is a DocuSign form for you to fill in and sign. When it is returned to us, we will send it on to the Advisor you name to be completed. Importantly, we do not need any data from you like tax returns, etc. We just need the signature of someone who has knowledge of your financial condition and can confirm that with us on a “blind” basis.

Signing Up With The Fund– The process for joining the Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund is straightforward. Open the Signature Packet by clicking the box below and fill them in. When the Third Party Accreditation is received back from your Advisor, we will countersign the documents and return them to you. At that time, you will also receive a Capital Call for the first 40% of your commitment.

Signature Packet For Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund, L.P.
  1. 1: Subscription Agreement and Investor Questionnaire
  2. 2: Signature Page for Limited Partnership Agreement
  3. 3: W-9 Form
  4. 4: Signature Page to Third Party Accredited Verification

Next Steps – We are happy to set up a Zoom to talk about any aspect of our plans for the Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund. Please contact Michelle Ballentine to set up a time:

Lateral Capital Opportunity Fund, LP ,
Attention: Michelle Ballentine
1500 State Street, Suite 201, Sarasota, FL 34236

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