Lateral Capital Management, LLC

Who We Are

Launched in 2003, Lateral Capital is the Early Stage investment business of former Pillsbury Company CEO and long-time Procter & Gamble executive, John Lilly. The first two Lateral Capital funds were all “personal money,” invested in parallel with other interested investors, including Tom Moore and Steve Gold. Lateral Capital III is a partnership with former P&G colleague Jeff Ansell. Lateral Capital IV is structured as a Limited Partnership with 15 senior business executives and Tim Kost as both LP and Managing Director.

For Lateral Capital V, now underway, the objective is to further broaden the base of accredited Limited Partners, to a total of 25-40 LPs and our first institutional investors. For the first time in Lateral Capital V, we will also offer a special program to encourage CEOs in past and present Lateral invested companies to be LPs in the Fund.

General Partner

  • John Lilly
    John Lilly Former P&G executive/ Pillsbury CEO

Limited Partners

  • Tom Moore
    Tom Moore Former President – P&G Health Care CEO of multiple Early
    Stage companies
  • Steve Gold
    Steve Gold Former Tropicana General Counsel
  • Tim Kost
    Tim Kost Lateral Capital LP and
    Managing Director
  • Jim Lawrence
    Jim Lawrence Former CFO of Northwest Airlines, General Mills and Unilever, NV. Former CEO of Rothschild
    North America
  • Jeff Ansell
    Jeff Ansell Former CEO of PE-backed Pinnacle Foods and Sun Products; now Senior Advisor at Vestar (Co-investor with John Lilly since 1996)
  • Jim Campbell
    Jim Campbell Retired Chairman, Wells Fargo Minnesota; EVP, Wells Fargo NA
  • John Pepper
    John Pepper Retired President, CEO and Chairman of The Procter &
    Gamble Company.
  • Tim Ingrassia
    Tim Ingrassia Co-Chairman of Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs Group
  • Tom Malkoski
    Tom Malkoski CEO of Penford Corporation and former Managing Director, Chiquita Brands International
  • Cliff Anderson
    Cliff Anderson Retired Owner, Crown Iron Works (Global supplier of oil seed crushers/and processors)
  • Cathy James Paglia
    Cathy James Paglia Director, Enterprise Asset Management, Inc. (Private Asset Manager with investments in oil, gas real estate, public and
    private companies)
  • Chad Keck
    Chad Keck Vice Chair, Needham & Company,
    Palo Alto
  • Harry Kangis
    Harry Kangis Former President, Millstone Coffee Company and Co-Founder/CEO of One Page Solutions
    (Strategy consultancy)
  • Mike Murray
    Mike Murray Retired Head, Bank of America Global Wholesale Bank
  • Henry Cousineau
    Henry Cousineau Chair and CEO of Entropy Solutions (Developer of phase change technology); Founder of Novus Marketing; sold to Omnicom in 2000