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Five Questions | One Page® Success Planning

In the 1970s, a strategic planning technique called OGSM caught on in Japan. The letters stood for Objective, Goals, Strategy and Measures and it was aimed at helping organizations decide what they wanted to do – before they started doing things willy-nilly. This toolset was “exported” from Procter & Gamble Japan in the 1980s to P&G’s HQ in Cincinnati and later became part of every P&G strategic planning discussion across the world.

Over time, a small group of managers in P&G’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Division modified the approach from OGSM to OGSP® –Objective, Goals, Strategies and Plans. The joke at the time was that “Oh God, Some More process” had finally been turned into “Oh Good, Some Plans we can use.” The OGSP process has been refined several times since and is now offered by our friends at One Page Solutions, LLC as a strategic planning toolkit. It’s a great approach and it really works.