What Is An Early Stage Investor?


We see Early Stage as significantly different from what most people call Angel Investing: ● We see Angel Investing as a hobby, a calling or a lifestyle. It is often focused on startups or on businesses which have a local or social value beyond the pure economics of being an investor. These can include: – Artistic Investment – Theatre, music or artistic endeavoring; even Broadway shows. – Lifestyle Businesses – Investments in restaurants, local service businesses, etc. – Family Companies – Brother-in-law/sister-in-law/mother-in-law investments. ● By contrast we see Early Stage Investing as professional-quality investing in smaller companies which often have huge long-term potential. – We see Early Stage as its own asset class. – Being successful at it requires a long-term, disciplined commitment. – It is not about investing in “startups” – these are Seed Stage investments. Here’s our definition of a “professional” Early Stage investor:
Early Stage Investors are individuals who have the experience, capacity and conviction to invest in Early Stage companies which they can help to make successful.