What Do Entrepreneurs Say About Lateral Capital as an Investor?


One problem with being an Early Stage investor is that you rarely get negative feedback from the companies you invest in. After all, you wired them money! So we have only collected the positive comments below – which you should take with a healthy amount of pink Himalayan salt! But still, companies don’t seem to mind having us as investors.

“You have been a great mentor to me over the past five years and I am pleased that things will conclude well for all those that supported the company.”
CEO Invested Company

“You’re a phenomenal teacher. Often we’ll bring around mentors and they’ll drop lingo like everyone knows it. You took the time to explain the basics.”
COO Invested Company

“Too many investors have a God-like complex where they have to be the smartest guy in the room by many standard deviations. You give off a vibe in which you’re OK admitting you don’t have all the answers.”
COO Invested Company

“Every single one of the people at the meeting commented on how much they enjoyed their time with you.”
COO Technology Accelerator

“I didn’t want you to think for a minute that you were just another talking head. Those 90 minutes had a big impact on all of those entrepreneurs. Thanks for that.”
Managing Director Startup Investment Fund

“I think you’re one of the few visionaries with enough insight (and cojones) to be able to see the tremendous opportunity in what I’m doing and help us get to the next stage.”
CEO Early Stage Company

“Thanks so much for your time yesterday and thoughts on [a new business investment]. You gave us some great ideas and insight as to whether this is worth pursuing and if so, how.”
Early Stage Investor

“We just got the signed contracts. You are the best at customer referrals. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!
CEO Early Stage Company

“Again, thanks for your advice — it really made a substantial difference in our outcome.”
CEO Early Stage Company