Lateral Investment: Where Should We Start?


Lateral Capital invests principally alongside multiple Angel, Accelerator and Industry groups across the U.S.

We encourage companies looking for Early Stage investment from us to start with one of these Angel funds or groups. We occasionally invest in companies we meet directly, through trade shows or industry contacts. However, we usually refer them to one of our Angel group connections; depending on where they are located, etc. Remember, we have very limited capacity to consider companies directly and we make relatively small initial investments.

Each of the organizations below has 30-100 members who have broad-based experience and deep knowledge in one or more areas. Each of them has their own process for reviewing new companies. We follow what they do and indicate interest early in any company that fits our strategy.

Band of AngelsPalo
Golden SeedsNew
Central Texas
Tech Coast AngelsLos
Biotechnology Innovation Organization
Band of AngelsPalo
Queen City